corrosion protection

 Corrosion Protection
Ultimate corrosion encapsulation.

Control rust & extend life of any surfaces
10 years warranty
Minimum surfaces preparation
Designed to coat and seal air,
moisture, minerals… read more


fire protection

Fire Protection
The high technology fire insulation.

Formulated to provide a unique
fire retardant barrier
For projects requiring high performance
fire resistant coating
Non-toxic, water-based coatings
Easy paint application. read more

thermal barrier

Thermal Barrier
Revolutionary unique ceramic coatings.

Save energy
Reduce the cooling costs
Restore original roofs & walls…
Resist to UV, IR, pollution & reduce
surface maintenance. read more

waterproof membrane

Waterproof Membrane
Fluid applied liquid membrane.

High elastic durable membrane
Strong adhesion on different
types of surfaces
Weather & UV resistance
Non toxic & excellent
thermal resistance. read more

About Numetech Coatings

Numetech Coatings was formed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Europe and is the appointed company, which is responsible for the Business Development in the overseas territories.
Inspired by the successful use of ceramic materials in the NASA space program which reflected intense heat during vehicle re-entry, a step forward was taken to apply that same durable, protective, and energy efficient coating to the construction and renovation industry and all other industrial infrastructures.


Develop the business and the opportunities in the overseas areas of Europe, Russia and CIS countries, the Middle East and Africa.

We have dedicated ourselves to the production and distribution of high quality, environmentally friendly, fluid-applied membranes and isothermal protective coatings that solve industrial problems, improve appearance and save energy, while adding to the weather tight sustainability of restored roofs, walls and industrial surfaces, boats and trucks.

The success of that mission continues to surpass our most optimistic hopes and projections.

Our company is registered to ISO 9001:2000 and is committed to provide and to manufacture and to distribute the Re-Ply Roofing systems and fluid-applied membrane systems for the sustainable restoration of roofs, walls, and other industrial surfaces.

Our elastomeric products and systems provide seamless waterproof and weather tight barriers, as well as offering high reflectivity and dissipation of heat, all while reducing UV light degradation.

Numetech membranes add’s advantages to any substrate and lead’s to maintenance and energy cost reductions.

Numetech ceramic, roofing, wall and industrial systems have been tested beyond typical standards for longevity, wind resistance, durability, pliability, abrasion resistance; salt, chemical, and corrosives resistance, all while reducing thermal shock damage and the high cost of temperature control.


Luxembourg-Kazakhstan Business Forum
Luxembourg-Kazakhstan Business Forum Numetech Coatings S.A was present for the opening ceremony of the “Luxembourg-Kazakhstan Business Forum” during the official visit of The Prime Minister Lire la suite
New Location
New Location Within the last 3 years the company acquired new business opportunities due to the progressive expanding process in different geographic markets and still growing very fast, it was therefore decided to open a second location. Lire la suite


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